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    with Over 5000 Users in over 40 Countries

    Cleantie offers a suite of solutions for Dry cleaning, clothing alterations, shoe repair, Laundromat, garment tracking, auto assembly system with integrated pickup & delivery app

    Based on the latest technology and the complete POS on the market, with functionality and ease that is unmatched by any other product.

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    Sign-up for as low as $27 per month with
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    Access your system from anywhere on the run using any
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  • Most Used Alteration
    POS in the market

    Reliable, Flexible, and Easy to Use. Keep Track of your staff's productivity
    using our integrated solution.

    Improve customer usability with
    our intuitive layout. All screens flow naturally and
    seamlessly, making the next step always predictable.

  • Laundry Operation with
    Integrated Scale & Laundry Card

    Cleantie is integrated with Digital Scale & laundry card from CCI that
    manufactures and develops automated systems for the self-service
    laundromat industry.

  • The Most Complete Shoe
    Repair Management System

    Use on-demand barcoded Repair Labels to track each other and notify customers
    via SMS or email as soon as an order is ready for pickup. Keep track of your merchandise inventory and cost.

  • iAssemble &Integrated
    Auto-Assembly System

    Cleantie Garment Tracking Software is integrated with iAssemble and 3rd Party Auto
    Assembly Conveyors from Metalprogetti, Quick Sort, Sysmetic and White Conveyor.

  • SMS & Email Notification

    Save time and money while giving great customer service by
    using our automated SMS/email notification system.

  • Integrated Credit Card

    Use our integrated smart card reader for secure EMV transactions with
    built-in NFC technology/Cloud-based platform.
    Our cloud-based payment solution is PCI DSS-compliant,
    reducing your PCI compliance scope.

  • Pickup & Delivery Website
    and App

    Cleantie Integrated Website & Dry Cleaner App is a valuable tool that allows
    your customers to check their orders, request pickup, and make
    account payment using their Smartphone. The App is available on both
    Apple App Store and Google Play.

Great way to empower your customers

Cleantie Cloud Based POS is the latest product from Computer Systems Int’l (CSI). Cleantie is modernizing today’s business systems offering a wide range of business advantages over CSI traditional desktop Application.

Our Cleantie POS is fast with intuitive design for modern businesses. It’s easy for anyone to use as it works across PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. Cleantie’s best-in-class product and tracking system with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter decisions that profit businesses of any size. Cleantie offers the best, and latest technology for your business to empower customers.

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10x Faster Training Process

Customer and employee satisfaction begins with our intuitive layout. To have the ability to train employees quickly means having the confidence that your operation will provide uninterrupted service to satisfied customers.

Increase Productivity

Cleantie checkin screen is the most user friendly and powerful in the market. It allows users to price orders systematically, and accurately, with the touch of a few keys. With our interactive design, screens on all of our devices flow naturally, and seamlessly, making the next step always predictable.

Better Collaboration

Cleantie works with, and seamlessly integrates world-leading tools to make working with us more comfortable, including, QuickBooks, CCI Laundry Card, VeriFone, White Conveyor, Metal Porgetti, Apple, and many others. It is easy for you to extend the power of Cleantie.

Key Features

✓ Garment Tracking System with barcoded tags
✓ Integrated Online Credit Card Processing
✓ SMS or Email Delivery Notification System
✓ Microsoft SQL Database
✓ Multiple Schedules & Price List
✓ Complete Control on Inventory, and Cash
✓ Employee Payroll and Time Clock Feature
✓ Customer Loyalty Point System
✓ Digital Scale Interface
✓ CCI Laundry Card Processing
✓ Laundry Machines Cost Tracking
✓ Stain, Upcharge, Brand, Color, Damage Tracking
✓ Multiple Price Schedules
✓ Import and Export function for customer, and price list
✓ Conveyor & 3rd Party Auto Assembly System
✓ Customer App & Driver App
✓ Create your own customized Invoices and Tags
✓ Specific upcharge per item for maximum accuracy in pricing
✓ Alert production limit
✓ Production Tracking
✓ Quick Books Integration (Coming soon)
✓ Much more

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See why the world’s best businesses love Cleantie

Our products have been used by over 5000 large corporations and small businesses all over the world.

Steve Marcionetti, Card Concept USA

Family owned and operated, Card Concepts, Inc. was born from over 40 years of experience in the vended laundry industry back in 2000. CCI has been actively involved in the Laundromat industry for over 35 years. This experience has been essential to the company’s growth, with over 500 Laundromats across the US and Canada. CSI POS is integrated with CCI laundry card and is the system of choice for the CCI laundromat operations.

Jennifer Baird, Alain Baird Stitch It Canada

Stitch It Clothing Alterations has been customer’s choice for a trusted, convenient, and professional clothing alteration service since 1989 with over 70 locations. Stitch It has been using CSI POS since 2002 across Canada.

Betty Skoutakis, Cadet Cleaners Toronto

Cadet Cleaners is the largest publicly recognized quality care premier dry cleaner in Ontario and has been in business for over fifty years with over 40 locations. They are a multiple recipient of the prestigious Toronto Sun Gold Readers’ Choice Award. Cadet has been using CSI POS since 2001 across Ontario.

The Zipyard, UK

The Zipyard, is the UK's premier clothing alterations, dress restyling, tailoring and repairs network with over 45 locations. The Zipyard has been using CSI cloud based POS since 2008.

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