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Cleantie Platform

Cleantie is modernizing your business. Cleantie platform includes Cleantie POS App, Cleantie & Cleantie+ Customer App, Cleantie Driver App, and Cleantie Dispatcher App, all designed to empower your Laundromat or Drycleaning business!

Pos App

Cleantie POS App

Our Cleantie Point Of Sale System (POS) is fast with intuitive design for modern large or small businesses. It’s easy for anyone to use as it works across PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. Cleantie offers the best, and latest technology for your business to empower customers!

Laundry Pickup and Delivery

Cleantie Driver App

Cleantie Driver app offers a complete and comprehensive route planning system with an optimization technology. Cut down on operating costs, reduce drive time & mileage, and improve customer service with Cleantie route planning solution! Read More

customer app

Cleantie Customer App

Free Cleantie customer app allows your customers to request on demand pickup & delivery. Cleantie is North America’s fastest-growing Dry Cleaning, and Laundry Pickup & Delivery App, using technology to make your life easier so you have more time to get back to your busy life. Read More

brand app

Your Brand App

Provide a more personalized experience for your customers by having your own brand customer app. Increase brand awareness with a personalized look and feel. The perfect way to present your brand and stand out from the crowd. Your branded App is based on Cleantie and powered by Cleantie engine. Read More


Cleantie Dispatcher App

Cleantie Dispatcher app offers a complete control over your pickup delivery process and provides communications tool to dispatcher, and store manager. Use dispatcher app to view all customer's activities, profile, pickup request orders, bills and coordinate and manage the delivery. Read More

All the tools you need to
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Laundry Pickup and Delivery
cleantie pos
cleantie pos

10x Faster Training

Cleantie is the most powerful and user-friendly POS in the market. It allows users to price orders systematically, and accurately, with the touch of a few keys. Customer and employee satisfaction begins with our intuitive layout. To have the ability to train employees quickly means having the confidence that your operation will provide uninterrupted service to satisfied customers!


The dashboard shows the most valuable metrics that give you insight into the performance of yourstore and the behavior of your customers. The metrics are shown in numeric format and also as graphs where appropriate. Data is made digestible for everyone – Cleantie Analytics is designed to make numbers easy to understand!

Better Collaboration

Cleantie works with, and seamlessly integrates world-leading tools to make working with us more comfortable, including, CCI Laundry Card/Fascard, Laundroworks, Clover, Square, VeriFone, Apple, and many others. It is easy for you to extend the power of Cleantie!

Grow Your

Cleantie POS works across PC, tablet, and smartphone devices. Cleantie’s best-in-class product and tracking system with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter decisions that profit businesses of any size! Attracting customers is the primary goal of your business because it is the customer who creates the demand for your services. Businesses often compete through advertisements or lowered prices to attract customers. Happy customers are expected to continue using your services. It is crucial to closely monitor the relationships you have with customers, often asking their feedback to learn whether new products should be created or adjustments made to what is currently offered.


Credit card processing

Cleantie offers the most advanced credit card processing. Cleantie is integrated with Clover, Square, Stripe and Verifone Payware connect. Accept payments from customers directly inside Cleantie. Sync payments to invoices, run transactions directly on individual invoices. Email payment links to customers. Automate payments with Cleantie customer app and give your customers the ability to view and pay off invoices at any time. Avoid costly compliance fees with the most secure payment system. With Clover & Square, accept payments faster, easier and smarter using Clover Flex, Clover Mini or Square terminal. Let your customers pay how they want to pay. Dip or tap; credit or debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay and more. We offer Cash Discount through Clover to recover the credit card transaction fees as well as automated tips on Clover Flex or Clover Mini.
Click here to see Cleantie in Clover app market.
To get started with Square, click here.

Click here to sign up for Clover through Paystri which helps simplify customer payments while saving your business money.


Laundromat Special Features

Cleantie has special features designed for laundromat operation. Cleantie POS is integrated with laundry card from Card Concepts, Laundroworks which manufacture and develop automated systems for the self-service laundromat industry.

Cleantie supports any USB HID-compliant weight scale. Save time and money by quickly and easily weighing Wash & Fold bags. Use Cleantie's shopping cart to sell retail items by scanning UPC code and track inventory automatically. Special function to Track individual washer & dryer costs and orders. Track the final weight of wash & fold order to prevent errors. Proud member of Coin Laundry Association.


Unlocking Laundromat Success

CSI Elevates the laundry Experience with new Cloud-based POS System
In the fast-paced world of laundry and dry-cleaning management, staying ahead of the curve requires innovation, efficiency, and adaptability. Cleantie, a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for the laundry industry, has been making waves with its cutting-edge technology and customer-centric approach. Recently, Cleantie's groundbreaking platform was featured in Planet Laundry Magazine, shining a spotlight on its innovative features and industry impact. To view the article click here.

Cleaners App

Easily Customizable

Cleantie check-in screen is the most user-friendly and powerful in the market. It allows users to price orders systematically, and accurately, with the touch of a few keys. With our interactive design, screens on all of our devices flow naturally, and seamlessly, making the next step always predictable. Cleantie’s menu design delivers comprehensive and logical sequencing to dramatically reduce entry errors, and therefore increase overall productivity. Unlimited Service options, departments, items menus, and modifiers ensure that any price list can be implemented so you can design a simple user interface for your staff.


Hosted on Google Cloud

Cleantie is developed using the latest and most advanced technology by running on Google Cloud, and Cloud based Microsoft SQL database. Google Cloud Platform, offered by Google, is a suite of cloud computing services that runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube. Cleantie cloud-based service offers an effective way to run your business better than ever before. We protect your valuable data from natural disasters, fire, and theft. In addition, Cleantie cloud-based services give you peace of mind from the complexities of managing and maintaining your computers and data. Your focus should be on running your business and not managing your computer system!

Cleantie Platform
Powering the Most Successful Dry Cleaners, And Laundromats

  • Integrated Pickup & delivery Customer , Dispatcher & Driver app.
  • Integrated Clover, Verifone, Square, and Stripe credit card payments.
  • SMS & Push Notification System with build-in secure chat function.
  • Google Cloud & Microsoft SQL Database cloud based hosted system.
  • CCI , Fascard, Laundroworks, ESD Laundry Card Processing and Digital Scale.
  • Powerful and sophisticated tool to customize Invoice & Tag printing format. Professional Statement.
  • System Requirements: Windows 10, Mac, iOS, Google Chrome, or Andriod Devices, Epson TMT88V Printer or Any Thermal Printer for Invoice Printing, Epson TMU220 Printer for Tag Printing, Epson Compatible Cash Drawer, Any Touch Screen Monitor, Any Scanner, USB HID-compliant weight scale
laundromat app

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