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Modernizing your business for 2022

Make sure your POS provides the tools the today’s cleaner needs
By Andrea Einlo

Over the past decade, our world has had an explosive development in technology. This evolution has caused a dramatic shift in the way businesses and consumers operate. We’ve seen a massive transition from traditional brick-and-mortar business to online business models. Companies like Uber to Airbnb, Amazon to Alibaba, Netflix to Disney Plus and more have completely dominated the market.
These major industry takeovers, however, don't mark the completion of this phase of change; they mark the beginning, with the next installment being the small business landscape. And one major industry in the domain of small enterprise, of course, is the dry cleaning and laundry industries.
To stay competitive in any market, cleaners have to be able to provide their services to the consumer in the most accessible and convenient way possible. Unsurprisingly the online business model has taken commercialism by storm — not to mention the pressure of digital business transformation brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.
According to KPMG, 55% of people will search online for reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, 47% will visit the company website, and only 26% will visit the physical store.
So, what do these statistics really mean?
It’s safe to say that consumers enjoy the ease and comfort of purchasing from home, which of course comes with the new norm of delivery of goods and services. This brings us to the democratization of the next big flourishing industry, transportation.
Where to start?
Cutting-edge POS software packages can marry the dry cleaning, laundry and alteration industries with intuitive and convenient brick-and-mortar, mobile, and delivery systems to help you create and manage your new business.
What should the implementation of this technology look like?
A Modern POS – Payment processing and in-store POS solutions have historically made you fit their mold, rather than them fitting your mold. In a modern POS, a merchant is looking for the best technology but also a simple solution. It does no one any good if the POS can calculate a merchant’s profit to the 1000th decimal if no one can read it or know how to do it. A merchant is looking to have a POS be easy to use, help their employees in everyday life and, most importantly, help them improve their business.
A Driving App — Modern solutions encompass route management software to make it easy to fulfill deliveries by providing step-by-step delivery instructions. They allow the owner to onboard new drivers quickly with a simple and intuitive native app with interactive navigation. Delivery drivers can save time and fuel with up-to-date information on traffic conditions, distances between points, and estimated travel times.
A cleaner’s driving app should also have an integrated communication tool that allows drivers to make a call or send a direct message to the customer with a single tap. The customer can receive updates via automatic SMS or push notifications about when a delivery has started, when it should be expected and when it’s arriving. With this technology, you can select your delivery route manifest, scan delivery invoices from a built-in camera feature, and optimize your delivery route quickly and accurately.
Putting Your Solution Together
Reach out to your technology partners to understand what possibilities exist for you today. These partners are eyeing trends within the marketplace today to understand how they can help you save money, evolve your business, and ensure you have the right solution for your store or mobile service. It's time to put 2022 on a spin cycle and freshen up how our industry is doing business.

Andrea Einlo is the marketing director of Cleantie
5 Myths About Dry Cleaning Delivery Broken

Have you ever opted not to utilize a dry cleaning delivery service because you were concerned about your garments going missing, high prices, or other potential issues? You might be surprised to find that the majority of customers who use a dry cleaning delivery service do not suffer many of these issues. Continue reading as we expose five typical dry cleaning delivery misconceptions!

Myth #1: Delivered laundry service is an expensive luxury that I cannot afford.
Cleantie offers free home pickup and delivery, and there are more ways to save. For example, simply downloading the FREE Cleantie app rewards you with a $10 discount on your first order.
Myth #2: Laundry delivery is an expensive luxury that I cannot afford.
Cleantie offers free home pickup and delivery, and there are more ways to save. For example, simply downloading the FREE Cleantie app rewards you with a $10 discount on your first order.
Myth #3: I don't want to deal with a difficult setup process.
With no upfront costs, getting started is as simple as it gets. Simply arrange a pickup online, via the FREE mobile app, set your bag of clothing outside your front door or at the front desk of your building, and a Cleantie delivery specialist will come by to pick up your order, even if you aren't home!
Myth #4: It does not save much time.
Booking a laundry appointment and gathering your laundry may appear more difficult than simply dropping a load into the dryer, but you'd be surprised! Our clients save over 3 hours every load of laundry, and booking is as simple as a few taps on your smartphone or mouse. Imagine what you could accomplish with that extra time!
Myth #5: With laundry pickup delivery services, clothes will be misplaced.
It is an unfounded assumption, and a reputable washing service would follow certain protocols to avoid the possibility of items being misplaced. To start, the assigned personnel will perform a preliminary count and check of the items to be collected, and he/she will hand over an invoice containing details such as the customer's name, address, contact number, number of items collected, collection date, and anticipated delivery date to ensure that everything runs smoothly for the customers.

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5 reasons to switch to Cleantie Wash & Fold pickup/delivery service

We know your time is precious. You would undoubtedly prefer to spend your time doing activities you enjoy with the people you care about rather than washing laundry. You don't want to waste your time doing laundry just to return the following week and do it all over again. There are many reasons why you should be using our free laundry pickup and delivery service. Here are just a few you should know.

Customers can use our Wash & Fold pickup/delivery service by downloading the free Cleantie Customer App, selecting their preferred location, browsing the costs, and placing their order. The clothing is then washed, dried, and folded by experts before being delivered back to your doorstep.
Switching to a wash & fold pickup/delivery service will surely save you a significant amount of time each week. This allows you to spend more time in the evenings and on weekends, making the most of your time off. If you're a busy professional, you may spend some time relaxing and catching up with loved ones. If you're a working parent, an additional hour or two may be a game changer when it comes to raising your children.
Many clients are unaware that they are not required to do any prep work when they use a wash and fold laundry service. That's correct; you don't have to sort your clothes, pre-soak any stains, or take the time to fold your newly cleaned clothing—it's all taken care of for you. Instead, you leave your laundry responsibilities to specialists, giving you more time to pursue the things you like.
Choosing to outsource your laundry tasks is a financially wise move in the long run. Your clothes will be properly cleaned and will last longer as a result. You won't have to stock up on soap on a regular basis, buy and maintain pricey appliances, or collect quarters every time you need to power the machines in your building. In addition, you save a significant amount of money on your water bill.
By using a wash & fold pickup/delivery service, you get your laundry done in a snap. You no longer have to fear performing this time-consuming household chore. You don't have to put off doing the clothes and let them pile up in the bathroom. If you're a new mom with a couple of little children, you know how much dirty laundry they can produce in a single day. Hiring a professional laundry service allows you to stay on top of your laundry without spending hours thinking, planning, and doing it.
By switching to wash & fold pickup/delivery services, you no longer have to worry about when to do your laundry. The majority of wash & fold services are offered 24 hours a day. So, even if you have a hectic schedule and don't have time to do your daily laundry, you can rely on a wash & fold service to do it for you.
You may lack the time or patience to learn how to wash & fold your clothes, leaving you unable to properly care for your laundry. Wash & fold services hire specialists that can exactly meet your particular requirements, assuring perfectly washed and folded clothes every single time.

Are you ready to save time, calm the mind, and finish all of your laundry in just couple minutes? Visit to discover more about our services and how Cleantie can benefit you.
Why Did We Develop The Cleantie Platfrom?

Many Dry cleaners & Laundromats continue to rely heavily on walk-in customers to visit their physical stores for sales. The Covid-19 pandemic transformed the American Dry Cleaners & Laundromats overnight. Many stores closed down, and most dry cleaner and Laundromats lost at least 75% of their sales. Now, as lockdowns come to an end and the economy thaws out, many dry cleaners are wondering whether these changes will stick around post-pandemic.

Today, after more than 16 months of restrictions, we have reached a tipping point. Customers are accustomed to online pickup delivery experiences, and they are not going to go back. It’s no secret that dry cleaning and laundry business is changing rapidly and the industry is not adapting to these changes quickly. In addition Many companies have found that services like pickup & delivery are expensive to operate and don’t have the tools or knowledge to make it successful.
That’s why the Cleantie platform was created. Cleantie will create a turn-key online Dry Cleaning & Laundry delivery business customized to you, with Cleantie apps, marketing materials, SEO, payment processing, computer equipment, and all the licenses and permits you need to realize growth potential and increase profits. We utilize the largest delivery network, we have local and nationally partnered Dry cleaners and Laundromats ready and waiting in your area who you will join hands with you to give you best price, and quality service. We offer you full-service with our state of the art Cleantie Pickup Delivery Apps, and digital marketing in helping you create an Online presence to realize growth potential and increase profits. We walk with you from creation to launching your online pickup delivery business and then we continue to assist you as you grow and expand with no royalties.
Driving with Cleantie offers a great earning opportunity with flexible hours. This is not a franchise, it's 100% your business and you can operate that according to your schedule. It's a great alternative to full-time or part time driver jobs. Or maybe you're already a rideshare driver and want to supplement your income.
Consult our experts for a FREE DEMO TODAY!
Exclusive Benefits Offered By POS System To Laundromats

The revenue of laundromat businesses dropped by several Billion (-.4 Billion by the year 2022) and needs laundry POS systems that keep them running and machines spinning. This article highlights the significance of introducing POS systems for the smooth functioning of laundromat systems. Gone are the days when laundromat businesses were managed using pocket change and bill readers. Laundromat POS systems have saved the pocket change installation cost and operate their facilities in a better way than before. These systems have been introduced to handle delivery and routing tasks and process the payment faster to keep choosing you in the long run. We have highlighted exclusive features offered by POS systems for Laundromats as follows:

Incorporate On-Site Systems
You don't have to deal with the change as these systems allow you to go completely digital. These systems can be attached to a device or e-card facility installed to make the payment process faster and convenient. Introduce multiple payment options to improve the customer's experience and keep coming back to you.
Make the Most Out of a Laundromat System
Specific hardware and software have been installed on these Laundromat POS systems, which can integrate according to the business needs. The customer can use the checkout system very easily and make the payment there and then. The laundromat system would work according to your existing system or adapt the model you have been using for years.
Customers Most Preferred Choice
Customers prefer associating with a business that opens multiple payment methods conveniently, and their login credentials are safely stored in their systems. Introducing payment options such as credit cards, Google Wallet, or Apple pay will ease your burden of dealing with the change. You can make things convenient by attaching them with the vending machines and auxiliary services, giving customers the chance to pay for everything using the Laundry POS system.
Perform Day to Day Tasks Without Any Hassle
Laundromat POS systems can be aligned with accounting software, banking, and inventory management systems, making the business smooth. These systems remind you about purchasing things, provide complete information related to cash flow, and save money on business tax.

In Conclusion, These features make laundromat POS systems the most preferred choice of the businesses and customers. If you plan to install a dry cleaning POS system, consider Cleantie POS for smooth business operations. Consult our experts for a free demo TODAY!
5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Laundry Service for You

Finding the best laundry service can take away the majority of your tensions but at the same time can give you loads of stress if not hired the right one. Laundry is a chore that takes so much of your efforts and portion of the day. Finding the best laundry service for your work can be the best solution. Be it a pickup and drop laundry service or self-drop laundry service, it can be highly beneficial.For people who are working morning to night, doing their laundry is a big burden. Getting signed with a laundry app might be helpful for that portion of people. Here are five things to consider while choosing the best laundry service for you:

• When you shortlist a few laundry services for you, make sure you look for professionalism. The service providers with professionalism as their strong suit can be the best for you. They regard their customers as the topmost priority and are answerable for their services. Also, the laundry services that are serious about their work and reputation work hard and can be trusted.

• Everyone has different laundry requirements that are to be considered while looking for the best laundry services. Choose the laundry service provider that serves all your laundry needs. If you are looking for pick and drop services, do not settle for those without a pick and drop facility. Also, if you wish to select the laundry services according to the distance to your place, make sure you add them to the list.

• You can start by asking your friends or neighbors about the best laundry services. They might know the nearest and perfect laundry services for your needs. Also, asking the people you know would let you end up with reliable sources.

• Go through the reviews of the laundry companies online once you start shortlisting them. Any laundry service that you think would suit your requirements should be considered once you go through their online reviews. The reviews will tell you exactly how the company works and what all fallbacks they have.

• Consider the time taken for the whole process by the company. You can finalize the laundry services based on the time taken for the entire process. If you think that washing, ironing, and folding of clothes shouldn't be as time-consuming as your hired services take, then shift to the other ones. There is no situation where you should compromise on your time. The moment you realize that the particular services are taking extra time, hire another one.

Maybe you can connect with the most used laundromat app if you are done dragging your clothes to the laundromat. You can consider website for the best laundry pickup and drop application. Whatever you expect from the best laundry company is served here. Visit the official website of the company and see if your expectations are fulfilled.
5 Customer Retention Strategies to Grow your Dry Cleaning Business

Attracting and retaining customers is an art. It goes without saying for any business. Nevertheless, it requires passion, skill, and effort to welcome new customers without losing existing customers in a business-like dry-cleaning. However, with simple tips, you can learn to increase your customer count. You can have repeated customers at different locations, which is excellent for the growth of your business. We bring you some essential tips to enhance customer retention for your dry cleaning business. Without further ado, let us highlight some of the vital points that improve customer retention for your dry cleaner:

Train your team:
Your customer service team is your asset. You must provide them with sufficient training so that they understand customers thoroughly. The customer service team should be knowledgeable, spontaneous, and friendly to answer all the customers' doubts and queries. Your customer service is essential for the growth of your business. Ensure they are well-trained to let your customers know that they are crucial.
Communication is the key:
Keep the transparency between you and your customers. Communicate clearly with them and understand their requirements. It would be best if you never force your opinions on them. Listen, think and communicate. Customers appreciate when they are heard. Therefore, talk about how your customers want to talk. Keep them the priority.
Loyalty programs:
Loyalty programs are magic. They do wonders and bring back old customers and attract new customers to the offers. Customers feel connected with the business when you offer to lure loyalty programs. It encourages customers to take your services over and over again. Loyalty programs require a streamlined process and time; however, you can hit the bulls-eye with solid marketing and word-of-mouth game. You can also use a professional dry cleaning app to create loyalty programs for the customers.
Transform upset customers into life-long clients:
It sounds complex, but it is not impossible. If somehow your customer gets upset over something, take it as an opportunity and make them feel important. Listen and understand what went wrong and amend things accordingly. Never defend yourself. Accept your mistake and try to alleviate the situation by showing care and respect towards the customer. Moreover, you can offer discounts and services or any other measure to get control over the situation. Treat upset customers like royalty, and they will be your life-long client.
Execute Garment Management Technology:
Garment management technology boosts your business growth exponentially. It has undoubtedly become one of the essential processes in the dry cleaning business. With garment management technology, you can manage the number of garments in the store. The easy-to-use technology helps you keep track of misplaced or late clothes rather than letting you handle everything manually. It enhances efficiency and enables you to provide a high-quality customer experience.

Utilize the above points and witness the increase in customer count for yourself. You can also incorporate professional and easy-to-use dry cleaners app to provide your customers unique services. Cleantie is your one-stop solution to help you create a dry clean app for your business. Use the innovative dry cleaners app and improve customer retention.
5 Ways To Reap Maximum Benefits from Drop-Off Laundry Service

The modern lifestyle has become busier than ever before. Every task, including office work and necessary household chores such as laundry, is taken care of by the individual. Tasks such as laundry minimize your family time, and you are unable to perform essential duties. It is where you need laundry pick up and delivery service comes into the picture that saves money and gives you ample time to spend on tasks that demand attention. Look for the following things to make the most out of the drop off laundry service:

Arrange Your Clothes
Most of the laundry pickup services allure the customers by sorting their clothes. They keep the white and dark garments distinctly. It is something you would have done if you were doing laundry at your home. Specific clothes are made of delicate material that must handle carefully. Pack these clothes in separate bags and attach a slip mentioning instructions for the laundry attendant.
Empty your Pockets Carefully
Before handing over the laundry to the attendant, ensure that delicate and clean fabrics have been segregated beforehand. Empty the pockets because anything inside it could hamper your clothes. Ensure that all these steps are performed before hiring laundry delivery services.
Mention Special Requests
If you have been using a specific softener or detergent, ensure that the laundry attendant will discuss these instructions well in advance. Use of detergent other than the one at your home could hamper the quality of your clothes or might cause skin issues. Make sure that these particular instructions are clearly stated on the request form, and the laundry services will leave no stone unturned in fulfilling your requests.
Give Extra Care to Stained Clothes
If you have spilled anything on your clothes that led to stains, apply a pre-laundry product sooner. Once the paint dries, getting rid of it sounds impossible. It is vital to follow the instructions written on the garments before performing laundry action on them. If you cannot eradicate it on your own, ensure that you mention what caused stains so that laundry delivery services can take appropriate action.
Know the Charges Beforehand
Most of the delivery services specify their charges on their website to avoid confusion later on. If you don't find information related to price on the website, ask them straight away. Some laundry drop-off services charge per piece, while others take the charges based on distance. Ensure that important information is obtained to avoid confusion at a later stage.

In Conclusion, Performing laundry tasks amid other chores is a hassle for many. Ease your load and make your clothes look clean & brand new with the reliable laundry app Cleantie POS.
Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty
4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Did you know that 50% of your current customers prefer using your product or service and would like to spend 31% more than the new customers? These statistics clearly reveal the impact and significance customer loyalty brings to the business. This article shares some valuable tips that would surge the number of loyal customers.

What is Customer Loyalty?
Customer loyalty stands for a customer's willingness to associate with a brand again and again. It is because the services offered by you have enriched their experience.
What Customer Loyalty Matters?
The main purpose of starting a business is to establish a solid reputation and drive revenue. Customers spend their time and money with the brands they are loyal to. The exhilarating experience they had with your brand is generally shared with family members and friends that drive referral traffic to your business.
The cost of getting new customers is greater than the existing ones. Businesses must focus on retaining the ones associated with your brand for a long time rather than devoting their attention to the new ones. Show Your Gratitude
By introducing a loyalty program, you are expressing your gratitude for their business and loyalty. In reality, it's not just you who has introduced it but has been incorporated by the competitors. What sets you apart from them? Laundromat POS systems can send handwritten notes on occasions such as holidays or as a purchase confirmation email on your behalf
Establish a Personal Relationship with Every Customer
Knowing your customers at a personal level can help you win customer loyalty. This helps you establish a good rapport with every customer and give important information that can be implemented during follow-ups. Give them an exhilarating experience from starting till the end with a dry cleaners POS system.
Know Your Regular Customers And Invest More In Them
There are customers who don't leave you when your business turns upside down. It is worthwhile to be grateful to the ones who have made the journey successful and devote extra attention to them. These customers need attention, and investing in them would foster long-term loyalty. Introducing a point of sales system in a small business can help you identify them.
Ask For Advice And Listen To Them
Certain businesses ignore the customers' feedback or won't make efforts to improve their functioning. As a business, you should take criticism in a positive way and make amends as and when needed. If your customers tell you to make your store more organized, enforce it strictly and inform them about it. It is an amazing way to tell your customers that you're taking the feedback and working on things that need attention.
In Conclusion, the Cleantie POS app isn't just another POS software but benefits businesses and customers alike. Use this cleaners app to win the loyalty of existing customers and boost your revenue at a fast pace.
Key Benefits of Free Pick Up Laundry
5 Key Benefits of Free Pick Up Laundry: Pick Up and Delivery

It's true when you are shuttling between your job and household in today's modern times, a little help and support go a long way. So, when it comes to your laundry, the Laundry Pickup and Delivery service provide the utmost level of comfort and convenience. It will help in keeping your wardrobe intact, and you get spare time on your weekends too. Let's now quickly see the five best benefits of Pick up and Drop off Laundry Service.

Provides Utmost Convenience
It is one of the best advantages of pick-up and delivery service as the customers can tap on the app, select the pick-up date accordingly, and even request a pick-up from their location. You can also choose to get your laundry dropped off at your location. Nothing is more convenient than Laundry Pickup and Drop Off service and getting your bedding and clothes cleaned within the stipulated time.
It Is Affordable
When you request the cleaner for pick-up and delivery of the laundry to and from your location, you are also saving big time in this process. You do not have to spend on detergents, dryer, iron, and other equipment or even spend on the wear and tear of the washer and dryer. Moreover, the best part of this pick-up and drop-off service is you may even earn a good discount as a first-time customer.
Efficient Services
The commercial cleaners are quite efficient and effective as they use commercial washing and drying machines. These machines can handle more clothes in one cycle than our washing machines in which we need to put clothing according to the machine's capacity. They also dry the clothes within less time, and you can get your clothes ready for your job or out the next day. Get Free Time
When you are running low on time and have great household chores to finish the Laundry Pickup Service, your location to the cleaners proves helpful. The laundry service helps you save time that you may otherwise spend on cleaning and washing the clothes. With this service, you save money and time; use the time you saved with your family and friends. Environment-Friendly Service
Our washing and drying machines consume more water and power than professional machines. These commercial machines can wash and dry more clothes in one cycle and consume less water and electricity. They work efficiently and save the valuable natural resource 'water' too.So, the cleaners looking forward to providing Pickup Laundry and Laundry Drop off Service to their clients can register with the Cleantie App and provide necessary services to their immediate customers.
Point Of Sale System for Small Business
6 Features to Watch Out for in POS System for Dry Cleaners

One cannot deny that running a dry cleaning business isn't as easy as it sounds. Every task from managing day-to-day operations to tracking employee activities is to be taken care of so that the business runs smoothly.Things don't have to be this way. Installing a dry cleaning POS system on smartphones would keep things organized and trackable for you. It also gives you a chance to focus on other business operations that need attention. Finding the right dry cleaning POS software is a challenge. You need affordable software that saves you time and increases efficiency. The most important thing is increasing you ROI (Return on Investment).
Below is the list of features that must be present in your dry cleaning POS system. These exclusive features would keep your business operations streamlined and help you provide an exhilarating experience to your customers:

POS Feature
The point of sale system is the core feature of the POS system. You don't want your customers to face any issues during checkout. Choose the software that offers barcode scanning, provides receipts, and has automatic product identification and price calculation features in it.
Customer Relationship Management
Good CRM provides you with quality customers. These systems provide you complete customer information and segregate the loyal ones from others. Also, you can send discounts and offers to the ones who have been associated with you for a long time through your smart phones.
An improper invoice or billing system can turn the customers away. Choose a POS system for dry cleaners (link to ) that displays the exact information on the invoice, including the previous history. A system that offers quick search and printing capabilities is something you should get for your dry cleaning and laundromat business.
Marketing/Mobility Feature
Customers obtain an idea about your business via marketing. Since most customers use their mobile devices to gain insights about the business, you need a mobile app. No matter where they are; they can easily connect with you via apps. Also, Make sure that your app has the following features in it:
  • Viewing existing and previous orders.
  • Receive notifications once the order is complete.
  • Receive discounts and offer information on current promotions.
  • Fast payment processing via payment gateways such as Square & Clover.
  • Compare various businesses and pick one that matches your requirements.
  • Management Functionality
    Managing client data daily is a tiring and time-consuming affair, unless there is other inventory software present in the app, such as Quickbooks. Ensure that the dry-cleaners POS system is integrated with social media features to manage your campaigns effectively through the app.
    Customers would associate with a business for the long run that offers timely delivery. You need a system that shows the routes quickly along with the customers residing there. Also, you need a system that tracks every delivery and updates status from time to time.
    In Conclusion, improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by getting dry cleaning software with the above-mentioned features. If you need a POS system that keeps your business operation smooth, choose Cleantie POS.
    cleantie pos
    Why Dry Clean POS Software is a Great Option for Businesses?

    Before even starting to know about the POS software for Dry Cleaners, a dry-cleaning business is quite profitable if serving an active client crowd. Today, Dry cleaning businesses are evolving with the latest and upgraded software to maximize quality and revenue. Having dry-cleaning software can cut busy work and save time for additional payments.

    What is dry clean POS software anyway?
    Point of Sales (POS) is a piece of software designed to help dry-cleaning businesses. More and more companies are finding it a great option because it accelerates the business returns and improves revenue. This dry-cleaning software is getting great hype every day with its incredible results and influence on dry-cleaning businesses in the market.
    How is dry clean POS software an excellent option for businesses?Technologies used in various business verticals are receiving an upgrade. With a better hand on returns and minimizing the cost, accepting these technologies result in better profits. POS software helps improve productivity and increase the operational speed for dry-cleaning businesses.
    Here are a few notable benefits of Dry-cleaning software:
  • Saves time: The operational hours in doing a task are essential when profits are in the picture. Businesses today are saving relatively better with the use of dry cleaner POS software. The software introduces a robust and user-friendly interface that saves time in understanding the procedure. If considering details, using POS software can save up to 500 hours annually, resulting in more profit.
  • Bulk deliveries: The software can handle bulk orders at one time and therefore deliver them on time. It increases the credibility of the business and improves market value. The software never leaves any crucial information and ensures the data is accurate.
  • upports remote supervision: Dry cleaning POS software helps the business owners in monitoring the functioning remotely. No more skipping plans and trips with your loved ones. Just keep your connected device close, and the owners can track every operation sitting anywhere on the globe. It is not just for huge dry-cleaning firms, but the software also helps dry-cleaning shops manage their daily tasks from one place and without stressing about it.

  • The POS system for dry-cleaners has been a blessing that allows business to save costs and make better profits. The software is somehow a support system for even small business owners who are incapable of investing too much time on the sites and tracking every act. Saving time eventually leads to saving money, and the software becomes the major influence in improving overall revenues.
    cleantie pos
    Cleantie POS App - Best Selling Dry Cleaning, Laundromat POS In The Market

    There has been tremendous change in the way laundry services work today. There were days when laundry services used to wait for the customers to turn up and have now been replaced with online laundry apps like Cleantie POS. It has not only saved several hours of businesses worldwide but has also given adequate chances to enhance their productivity. If you are a business owner willing to make the lives of millions of individuals across the globe more accessible and increase your ROI, register on Cleantie POS and reap the enormous benefits of this dry-cleaning and laundromat POS system.

    Modern Professional Cleaning and Laundromat Solutions by Cleantie POS Ap Serves Wide Client Base
    In the past, cleaning and laundry services was catered only to the needs of individuals and few firms. Today, anyone can reap the benefits of professional cleaning and laundry services without leaving their comfort zone. Cleantie POS app has been used by over 5000 businesses to boost their revenue and increase online visibility. It aims to fulfill the cleaning and laundry demands of small and large corporations since every category has different needs, so we have devised plans based on their requirements.
    Real-Time Communication
    You might have come across a situation when you gave clothes to the laundry person, and they turned out to be wrong or messed up. Customers often complain after providing dresses to the laundry person who would not give the proper care. These mistakes have opened various avenues for laundry and cleaning services like the Cleantie POS app in which businesses can schedule a pickup and delivery, give prompt responses to the customers, allure them with enticing offers and maintain cordial relationships with them. All the services are transparent, and the app leaves no scope for doubts.
    Solving the Last Mile Issue
    The Cleantie POS app's real-time communication ensures that the laundry services don't face any stress while managing the customers. A delivery person is assigned to every individual responsible for providing optimum quality services to you. In addition to this, businesses can complete the transactions without worrying about who will do these tasks for them.The entire process is free from any impediments, making Cleantie POS the most preferred choice of customers.
    Perks Offered by Cleantie POS App
  • Affordability: Different factors affect the cost of the service. It usually depends on the kind of services you wish to offer to the customers. Reap quality services within budget by availing of our flexible plans.
  • Order History: This fantastic feature allows you to attract loyal or repeat customers. Create an order history to attract loyal customers. The app can be used to measure your business performance, also known as analytics.
  • Reminders and Calendars: Calendars and Reminders allow the admin to send push notifications to the customers. It helps the admin to plan their tasks and complete them ahead of time.
  • Effortless Registration: Once the registration is over, the admin can access the dashboard without any obstacles. Various measures have been taken to enhance the security of the app. The registration process is quite simple.
  • In Conclusion, The reasons mentioned above are compelling enough to state that Cleantie POS App is ideal for dry cleaning and laundromat businesses. It is an excellent way to boost sales and increase awareness of the laundry business among clients. Help the customers find you instead of you waiting for them to turn up