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With our modern technology,
beautiful user-friendly POS, and efficient Apps.

Easily Customizable – Ability to Incorporate Modern Design Schemes

Our POS checkin screen is the most user friendly and powerful in the market. It allows users to price orders systematically and accurately with the touch of a few keys. Multiple price lists allow the user to select the proper price list for each customer.

A highly functional and flexible menu layout offers success for all sales systems in any business. In order to accommodate some of the most demanding menus, Cleantie’s checkin screen delivers comprehensive, and logical sequencing to dramatically reduce entry errors, and therefore increase overall productivity. Unlimited Service options, departments, items, menus, and modifiers ensure that any menu can be implemented so you can design an effective interface for your staff.

The user interface is intuitive and simple to customize. This makes it simpler to update the look and feel of the application, along with providing a unique and exciting way to present data to the user with sophisticated reporting system.


Know your business better, using our sophisticated dashboard

Our Cleantie App Dashboard provides quick insights and advanced sales reports. See all your transactions and deposits easily as you track clientele invoice processes. Data is made digestible for everyone – Cleantie Analytics is designed to make numbers easy to understand. No need to hunt through spreadsheets as Cleantie Analytics breaks it down for easy calculation.


Customers Insights feature

Your customers have changed. They are more demanding, more vocal, more informed and more discerning than ever before. But have business models changed at the same pace as their expectations? It’s time for a total reimagining of what makes businesses profitable.

Because in the Age of Experience, rising customer expectations compel us all to raise our game. Cleantie Customer Insights report gives total control of how your customers are using your services.

In the modern marketing world understanding customer’s trend is crucial. The Always On consumer demands a level of service and customer profiling is a huge step towards being able to provide that service. Profiling your customers enables you to draw insights on your most valuable customers, least valuable customers and greatest opportunities.


Sophisticated Customer Profile

The concept of profiling your customers is not new, however, the volume and complexity of data being generated and the sophistication of available analytical tools means that it is now possible go deeper than ever before. Due to this advanced capability understanding audience is now more valuable to a business than it has ever been before. The customer is key here.

To truly understand customers, and to enable usable customer profiles, an extremely detailed level of data is required. Cleantie Customer’s profiling Improves customer’s experience which will lead to more efficient and effective marketing, more loyal customers and greater ROI.


Garment Tags

3" Tag Rolls
3" wide Tag rolls are most popular and affordable tags in the market that are printed and cut automatically using Epson TMU220 printer.
Tags can be printed in ½” for laundry items or 1” size forma for dry cleaning items or ½” for both.
Made of heavyweight, wet-strength paper, with superior quality withstand all dry cleaning and laundry processes.
The tags format can be customized using our CSI sophisticated form designer.

Pre-printed Garment Tracking Tags
Pre-printed Garment Tracking Tags are used for auto assembly system. The most popular and versatile garment identification product is our .6875” x .25 Label. It is a heat-activated white nylon material, and customers have discovered that it works well in both dry cleaning and laundry applications. Tags withstand repeated dry cleaning and laundry cycles. It stays on the garment and it remains scan able. iAssemble software is required to use these tags for assembly purpose.

Thermopatch Heat-Seal Labels
These tags are used for garment tracking purpose and printed on demand using Zebra TLP 2844 Label Printer. Customer’s name, unique tracking tag#, item description are printed. You may use customer’s last name for assembly purpose or use our iAssemble software.

Shoe Repair Labels
Shoe Repair Labels are printed on .Dymo 450 printer to track shoe repairs. Labels are put on the shoes.
Labels may be scanned when repair is done to notify the customer by text message or email that order is ready for pickup.
The tags format can be customized using our CSI sophisticated form designer.

Laundry Bag Labels
Laundry bag labels are printed on demand using Dymo 450 Invoice printer to track laundry bags.

Preprinted KeyTag or Laundry Bag Card
Customer key tags used for faster and more accurate customer lookup. Attached to customer key chains or garment bags for faster service.

✓ Standard, true 30 mil construction
✓ Durable and waterproof
✓ Excellent scanning rates
✓ No cracking or peeling, unlike PVC key tags
✓ Bar code protected under lamination will not scratch off like PVC
✓ Looks and scans like new for years!

Professional Invoice

CSI POS prints professional looking invoice on Epson or any thermal printer.
Customized Release form can be printed automatically to protect you for any potential claim or dispute.
Print your company logo to give your invoice a professional look at no extra cost.
Customize your invoice format to print advertising, customers’ preference or any other optional messages.
Optional collected Loyalty points can be printed automaticity to keep your customer keep coming back.
Delivery Run/Stop# with special instructions can be printed for your router delivery customers.
The Invoice format can be customized using CSI sophisticated form designer.

Professional Statement

Charge customers statements can be created and printed in few minutes or sent by email to customers automatically.
Credit Card on File customers can be charged automatically using our integrated credit card processing software.
Statement for hotels shows any commission due, hotel guest name and room#.
Statement process can be grouped by Route Delivery, Company customers, or Card On File customers.

Loyalty/Reward Point Program

Increase your sales automatically by using CSI Loyalty/Rewards Points System

✓ Define your own loyalty point system and make your own coupon.
✓ Define your own redemption point, and redemption coupon
✓ Print Professional looking redemption coupons automatically to encourage customers keep coming back.
✓ Classify customers based on the collected points for more rewards.
✓ Define multi-level redemption coupon
✓ Barcoded coupon to prevent misuse

Flexible And Powerful Coupon

CLEANTIE allows you to define your own coupon, with discounts. Track coupons & discounts, and see which one is more productive.

✓ Discount by %, $, or 2 for 1 items
✓ Enable/Disable discount/coupon for a given date
✓ Maximum amount restriction
✓ Prevent multiple discounts
✓ Pre-defined customer discounts with expiry date, for certain services
✓ Control coupons by scanning coupon barcode
✓ Print coupon automatically for 1st time customers
✓ Print coupon automatically for loyalty system

SMS Or Email Notification System

Inform your Customers by using our automated SMS or email notification system when orders are ready for pickup or delivery.

Simply scan orders when ready and SMS or email is sent to customers automatically.

Clothing-Alteration Process Made Simple

CSI’s two largest customers are Clothing- Alteration & Tailoring operation with over 100 and 30 locations in North America and Europe. CLEANTIE was originally designed for Stichit in 2003 to allow the head office to be able to control such large operation using the latest technology with central database efficiency and scalability. The demand was to have tight control over cash and labor costs, increased customer satisfaction, and increased efficiency, all while holding down the competition and learning to analyze the growing amount of information required to properly manage the business.

One lasting reality of the Alteration industry is its high labor turnover. To have the ability to quickly train a new employee, or a new manager, means having the confidence that your operation and customers will enjoy uninterrupted service. Reduced training times and reduced line ups at the terminals are due to CLEANTIE´s incredibly intuitive layout. All screens flow naturally and seamlessly between each other so the next step is always predictable.
This will help your staff place orders faster, more accurately, and with less effort so more of their time can be spent with your customer.

CLEANTIE POS software was designed to alleviate the burden of information overload without the loss of powerful features you have come to expect from world class leading edge software solutions. Whether you´re only interested in sales tracking and time & attendance, or more interested in perpetual inventory management and multi-store corporate consolidation, CLEANTIE´s software solutions can help you meet whatever objectives you have set out to achieve.

✓ Unlimited alteration departments & items
✓ Sell and Track merchandise items using SKU barcode
✓ Employee productivity tracking and magic number (total worked hours vs total revenue generated on alteration )
✓ Barcoded items to assign specific alteration to a seamstress

Shoe Repair Special Feature

Use our on demand barcoded Repair Labels to track each order and notify customer by Text Message or email as soon as order is ready for pickup.
Controlling the inventory is one of the most important part of any Shoe Repair business. CSI POS provides a different inventory control system to prevent employee theft and provide better customer service.

✓ Create discrepancy report by scanning orders on the rack
✓ Sort inventory report by invoice#, in-date, due-date, customer name or conveyor#
✓ Overdue Items reports
✓ Exception report
✓ Search for missing items with description and color for any given period
✓ Checkout only scanned invoices to prevent mistakes
✓ Sell and Track merchandise items using SKU barcode

Laundromat Operation Made Easy

CSI POS special features designed for Laundromat operations. CSI POS is integrated with Card Concepts. Card Concepts manufactures and develops automated systems for the self-service Laundromat industry.

✓ Interface with Laundry Card
✓ Interface with digital scale
✓ Define your Own washer & dryer machine cost.
✓ Track each washer & dryer cost
✓ Customized reporting for wash & fold
✓ Customized detergent usage label printing for each wash & fold order
✓ Special machine label
✓ Laundry Bag Label

Card Concept's Coinless LaundryCard™ system was developed to give store owners the right tools needed to easily succeed. Custom Laundry Cards, On-The-Fly Reporting, Custom Marketing Tools, and Remote Management Abilities are just a few of the Unique Features LaundryCard™ has to offer.

The Totally Automated Store (TAS) concept was developed by one of CCI’s founders Steve Marcionetti during the company’s formation back in 2000. All of the products and services for which CCI produces are built around the idea of automating and simplifying the operation of running a vended Laundromat. CCI’s unique development focus comes from its family roots who have been actively involved in the Laundromat industry for over 35 years. This experience has been essential to the company’s growth, with over 500 Laundromats across the US and Canada CCI is positioned firmly in the marketplace.

CCI’s core product, LaundryCard™ replaces all of the coin acceptors in a laundry with card readers, traditional change machines are replaced by kiosks (called X-Changers). These kiosks dispense 'debit cards' that customers can add value to and start machines. The system maintains the customer’s card balance and allows them to revalue their card with either cash or a credit card. Along with LaundryCard™ CCI manufactures and distributes other ancillary products that compliment the Laundromat operations.

All of our technologies are designed to be easy to use, easy to implement, and easy to support.

Credit/Debit & Gift Card Processing

Cleantie processes Credit Cards through Integrated Hosted Web-based Payware Connect for Card Present or Card On File transactions.

VeriFone’s Payware Connect is a highly configurable, hosted, web-based payment gateway service that provides the perfect way to generate recurring revenue. Merchants can efficiently and securely process payments from any internet-connected computer. Cloud-based hosted payment solution is PCI DSS-compliant, so you reduce your PCI compliance scope. Daily settlement report is emailed automatically to keep merchants informed of daily transactions.

Use your own merchant account or get the merchant account through CSI merchant services to save money on payware connect hosting fee.

Cleantie is validated with Paymentech, First Data North (CardNet); Elavon; and Heartland. Please note First Data Nashville platform is not supported, only First Data North

1. A maintenance free hosted payment solution eliminates the complexities of payment processing
2. Consolidates all types of payment transactions via a single portal
3. Extensive configurable reporting enables you to manage your business more efficiently
4. No License Fee / Monthly Support Fee
5. Automated End OF Day Email reporting
6. No Software to install or maintain, and could be setup in few minutes
7. No Card On File that could be subject to PCI Security Violation

Route/Delivery System

CLEANTIE has a very powerful route/delivery system that is integrated with Google Map. CLEANTIE can sorts your route/delivery customers based on the address, and find the best possible route for your driver with detailed instructions and map direction. No matter how experienced your driver is, CSI Driver App step by step direction can save you time and money.

✓ Scan orders at the time of shipping
✓ Print multiple manifests at the same time
✓ Checkout delivery orders automatically
✓ Record previous balances on manifest
✓ Sorted orders for shortest path
✓ Step by step delivery instruction and directions with map
✓ Integrated website solution
✓ Integrated Credit Card Processing for COF customers.

SQL Database Hosting

CSI POS is driven by a SQL database engine to increase reliability, scalability and efficiency. Integrity is the name of the game in harsh POS environments and SQL brings the product closer to the goal of "ZERO ADMINISTRATION POS".

Whether you´re running 1 or 500 terminals, product´s performance remains constant - reliable and available.

CSI Consolidated database is perfect for those who have centralized data needs with a small or large number of store locations and who need real-time order tracking between stores and head office. Centralized accounts receivable, pricing, promotions, marketing, time clock management, Auto Assembly and reporting is made inherently simple in this mode.

CSI SQL web-based service offers an effective way to run your business better than ever before. We protect your valuable data from natural disasters, fire, and theft. In addition, CSI web-based services gives you peace of mind from the complexities of managing and maintaining your computers and data. Your focus should be on running your business and not managing your computer system! To ensure the complete integrity of our database, we've placed our servers in a secure cloud based hosting facility and Network Operations

System Requirements

✓ PC with Windows 10, 8GB Ram, IPad, or Tablet
✓ Epson TMT 88 V Printer or Any Thermal Printer for Invoice Printing
✓ Epson TMU220 Printer for Tag Printing
✓ Epson Compatible Cash Drawer
✓ Any Touch Screen Monitor
✓ Any Scanner
✓ Weigh-Tronix Digital Scale or Compatible Scale
✓ Any Magnetic Card reader